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Sally Hersh - Sculptor, Sundial Maker and Letter Carver


Unique Sculptures in soapstone, limestones, alabaster or marble and small limited editions of bronzes have always been the basis of Sally Hersh's work. Over the years her sculpture has been produced for interiors, gardens - including water gardens - and estates. Her modelled portrait heads of young and old achieve an excellent likeness and are later cast in bronze. Much of her work is to commission.


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Standing Figures Mademoiselle au Chapeau de Paille Mother and Child Sculpture

'Standing Figures'

'Mademoiselle au Chapeau de Paille'

'Mother and Child'

Bronze: 49cm
Edition: 9 (4)

Bronze: lifesize
Edition: 3

Ancaster Stone, 47 cm
Edition: Unique


The use of stone is wholly compatible with the fluid lines and semi-abstract, tactile style of Sally Hersh's work. Much of her sculpture is based on the human form, often female, and her fascination of bending light around shapes which shows itself particularly in her abstract sculpture..


The stone itself is chosen to be lightly figured to blend and enhance the sculpture and not conflict with it. Some stone sculptures are unique and others may be cast in small, limited edition bronzes usually of 6 or 9.

Young Lovers Torso of Young Woman Mother

'Young Lovers'

'Torso of Young Woman'


Ancaster Stone, 43 cm
Edition: Unique

Bronze: 59cm
Edition: 6 (4)

Bronze: 21cm
Edition: 10


Commissions. To discuss a commission, purchase an existing original stone sculpture or a bronze sculpture, please contact Sally Hersh:
Tel: (+44) (0)1798 861248,     e.mail: admin@sallyhersh.com or write to:
Sycamores Studio, School Lane, Lodsworth, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 9DH


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