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Sally Hersh

Equatorial Dial

Total height: 1295mm (51")
Diameter of topstone: 500mm (19½")
Stone and Bronze

This award-winning sundial (British Sundial Society's 2nd National Awards, 2000) is an Equatorial Sundial, so called because its dial plate lies parallel to the equator. Because the sun is north of the equator for half the year and south of it for the other half, the sun will shine on the upper dial plate between mid March and late September. It shines on the lower dial the remainder of the year.

The Equatorial Sundial includes an integral lathe-turned, solid natural Ancaster stone pedestal and has inset bronze decorative rings around the dialstone and column. The bronze 'chapter' ring shows the time, a calendar, the signs of the Zodiac in their correct positions and duration, the Equation of Time (converting sun time to clock time) and a subsidiary dial beneath the main dial plate which shows the time during the winter months. Each Equatorial Sundial is made to be accurate for its specific location. Alternative stones are available: Portland, Westmorland Slate, etc.

Price: £10,750 ex workshop.
(Prices may vary according to stone chosen)

For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact Sally Hersh or Tony Brooks on:
Tel: (+44) (0)1798 861248

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