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Sally Hersh - Sundials of Distinction

Horizontal Sundial

Engraved Bronze on an Ancaster Stone Pedestal
Diameter of topstone: 450mm x 120mm thick (approx. 18" x 5" thick)

This was a sundial to commemorate the Millennium and The Family. It contains the sundial, a quotation from Benjamin Franklin and the names and birthdays of three children engraved on bronze and set into the outside circumference of the topstone. In addition, the client's wedding anniversary and their names are hand carved into the same area.

The gnomon is fretted from bronze sheet.

The solid, natural stone pedestal was turned on a lathe, revealing all the natural markings of the stone.

Horizontal sundial plate - prices from approx. £4,500
Pedestal - prices from £2,900 ex workshop.

For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact Sally Hersh or Tony Brooks on:
Tel: (+44) (0)1798 861248

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